Born 1987 in Ettingen, Switzerland Lives and works in Berlin


BFA, Haute École d‘Art et de Design, Geneva

2007 – 2010
Zurich University of the Arts


Freedman Fitzpatrick, Los Angeles (upcoming)

Galerie Gregor Staiger, Zurich (upcoming)

Become Door, Gavin Brown‘s Enterprise, New York
Water Under the Bridge, Kunsthalle Bern
Lies, Halle für Kunst, Reichenbachstrasse 2, Lüneburg

Teething Trouble, Truth & Consequences, Geneva
No Time to Explain, Freedman Fitzpatrick, Los Angeles

Wenn alles Fleisch wie Kalk zerstaubt, Galerie Gregor Staiger, Zurich

Ups and Downs, 21er Haus, Vienna
New Paintings: Vienna, Leslie Fritz, New York

An Honest Mistake, Galerie Gregor Staiger, Zurich
L’Esprit de Genève, Graff Morgue d’Algue, Geneva


Steps to Aeration, Tanya Leighton Gallery, Berlin
Solo Cose Belle, Apparent Museum, Acappella Gallery, Naples, Italy (curated by Tenzing Barshee)
Zeitgeist, Mamco, Geneva

To Lie in the Cheese, To Smile in the Butter, Kunstsaele Berlin
Surreal, König Galerie, Berlin

Stipendium Vordemberge-Gildewart, Centre Pasquart, Bienne
Drawings from the Ringier Collection. Chapter I, Villa Flora,
Winterthur (curated by Arthur Fink and Beatrix Ruf)
Toys Redux – On Play and Critique, Migros Museum of Art, Zurich
Work Hard: Selections By Valentin Carron, Swiss Institute, New York
Call And Response, Gavin Brown’s Enterprise, New York
Our House in the Middle of Your Street, Life Gallery at Vilma Gold, London

Broken Thumb, Up State, Zurich
Live and Let Die, Stuart Shave / Modern Art, London
July, The Approach, London
A Matter of Taste, Dingum at The Ister, Paris
Every day in every way, Martos, New York (curated by Ebony L. Haynes and Taylor Trabulus)
World Music, Carlos Ishikawa, London (curated by Steve Bishop and Richard Sides)
Significant Others (I am small, it’s the pictures that got big), High Art, Paris
Raid, Taylor Macklin, Zurich
What Were you Expecting, Mr. Milquetoast, a Plot, Badischer Kunstverein, Karlsruhe (curated by Roos Gorztak)
D.R.E.S.S.I.N.G. , SPACE, London (curated by Paul Pieroni)

On Cuteness, Halle für Kunst, Lüneberg
Fusion Beyond Matters, Galerie Nicolas Krupp, Basel
Tenant, CEO Gallery, Malmö (with Calla Henkel & Max Pitegoff)
Homes & Gardens, Freedman Fitzpatrick, Los Angeles
Travelling généalogique, Marbiers 4, Geneva
The Mediterranean Dog, Cole, London (curated by Elise Lammer)
Mr. I – Vittorio Brodmann + Dewar & Gicquel, Graff Mourgue d’Algue, Geneva
The Previous Performance Show, Dingum, Berlin

It’s Not the Title Because it Doesn’t Make Sense Anymore, Oslo Fine Art Society (curated by Tiril Hasselknippe)
Love is not in Control, New Jerseyy, Basel (curated by Vidya Gastaldon)
The Best of Times: A P/Review, Galerie Gregor Staiger, Zurich
July, CEO Gallery, Malmö
Re: group, Sandy Brown, Berlin
Die / Der Würfel / Le dé No. II, COCO, Vienna
The Old, the New, the Different, Kunsthalle Bern

twothousandtwelve, CEO Gallery, Malmö
Mr. C?, Graff Mourgue d’Algue, Geneva
Historia Mysteria, Renwick Gallery, New York
Times Square Show, Times, Berlin
Prague Biennale 5, Prague

Wallpower, Claudia Groeflin, Zurich
Bildagent, Agent Double, Geneva (curated by Mathis Gasser)
Il migliore dei mondi possibili, The Conduits/Gea Politi, Milano
Of Objects, Fields and Mirrors, Kunsthaus Glarus (curated by Daniel Baumann and Maja Wismer)
Belle Idée #1, Espace Abraham Joly/HUG, Geneva (curated by Leila Amacker, Kim Seob Boninsegni and Daniel Baumann)
Almeria to Béziers to Newquay, Darsa Comfort, Zurich
Mint Condition, 1m3, Lausanne
Quick Brown Fox & Lazy Dog, Karma International, Zurich

Violent Mastermind, with Georges Blunier, New Jerseyy, Basel
Regionale 10, Kunsthalle Basel (curated by Annette Amberg and Maja Wismer)
The Forever Ending Story #03, The Forgotten Bar/Galerie im Regierungsviertel, Berlin

The Line is a Lonely Hunter, New Jerseyy, Basel
Regionale 9, Kunsthalle Palazzo, Liestal
Hyper, Schalter, Basel (with Tobias Madison and Emanuel Rossetti)
Naomi, Naomi, Seebahnstrasse 255, Zurich


Water Under the Bridge, Kunsthalle Bern

Comedy in the Cellar, Ve.Sch, Vienna

Comedy in the Cellar, AP news, Zurich
Comedy in the Cellar, The Previous Performance Show, Dingum, Berlin

Comedy in the Cellar, Exposures, Experiences, Experiments, Halle für Kunst, Lüneburg
Untitled, Stand Up by Kaspar Müller, Gasconade, Milano

After Ciara, Corso Multisala, Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Copenhagen
Untitled, Perfect Vehicles by Kim Seob Boninsegni , New Jerseyy, Basel


2009 – 2011
Paloma Presents, Artist-run space with Mathis Altmann, Georges Blunier, and Gunnar Mier)


2016 Prix Mobilière
2011 ZKB Art Award


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