my works are collages of different textiles [from natural fibers to plastic surfaces]. machine and hand embroidery serve to emancipate the designs, and enhance the iconography and fables the work contains.

i have streams of action that capture content, namely in search of:

___ to give narrative life to objects, to alter their course, utility, and to amplify their charm

___  to inscribe meanings and stories on and to these same objects, removing their varnish so to not be perceived as ‘ the [immutable] originals’

___ to provoke collisions between images, and assembling vernacular history with fantasias

___ to foment a contemporary prosopopoeia, where a simple leather cushion, a tennis racket or a lid of a biscuit tin box bare faces and voices

my themes come from the suburbs of the mind, from the tormented and unbalanced quest of existence, from the difficult, seemingly unattainable scenarios of peaceful love

This exhibition is part of the Pacific Standard Time: LA/LA Participating Gallery Program