A scarf—which can come in a multitude of shapes, sizes, colors, patterns, and materials—adds an elegant flourish to almost any ensemble. Like most fashion accessories, scarves have utilitarian origins, used to wipe away sweat and dirt, protect the head or mouth, or keep the neck warm. Particular patterns, shapes and colors of scarves function as the basis for virtually endless narrative possibilities.

Metaphysical scarves take the form of a letter, which can be an initial for any number of different concepts, entities, conditions, etc., but also simply standing for the letter itself.

Initially, we made letter scarves to accompany the P.A.W. texts of Josef Strau. Where P stood for priest; A for advocacy journalism; W for the artist as writer. We felt the scarf provided a transformative layer, allowing the wearer to envelope her or himself in a kind of narrative fabric.

Howdy Shadowneck. Wrapped inside the music of Angels. Rihanna, Redemption, reincarnation. Questioning our relationship to Queztolcoatl,
Aztek architect of the known universe and beyond. Rejecting human sacrifice while attempting to maintain reverence to the mystery. UB for United Brothers. S&M for Single Moms. H for Hannibal, of course, but also hatred as the metaphysical pathway toward becoming love.

We made these scarves with various specific meanings, people, places and conditions in mind. But then became interested in what could happen if we removed the meanings, instead allowing the scarves to interact with each other and form more complex narratives. Substitution of letters for letters. The U becomes an R, E becomes S, I becomes H, and so on.

– Stefan Tcherepnin & Hanna Törnudd

With special thanks to: Skye Chamberlain, Jacqueline Figueroa, Miggi Hood, Rob Kulisek, Zoe Latta, Khadisha Vlahos and Angel Jarvis.

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