A trip to New York. Starting out in the West, reverse destiny. There wasn’t enough time, so things were seen in motion – petrified wood, petroglyphs, grazing cattle. A Grand Theft Auto-style car chase around Barstow.

It started off slow. Traffic forcefully came to a complete halt. The other side was eerily silent. Devoid of motion. Then from the distance the sound of approaching choppers. They hit the horizon, hovering above a red SUV on fire.

The sound of screeching metal mixed with choppy thuds and blasting sirens. A man hung out the driver seat window, hurling things onto the road, swirling. The front wheel flat, almost bare. Metal throwing out sparks. The scene passed in seconds, and it was 80 mph again.

Searching for clues in a random motel room, it turned out the man was a politician from Las Vegas. He had been expelled hours earlier from the Nevada State Assembly.

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